We want to make this process as easy as possible so please follow the steps below to sell your bridesmaid dress:

Step One: Dry Clean Dress

Step Two: Add Dress(s) – please fill out all mandatory fields in the Add a Dress form in the Seller Dashboard.

Step Three: Upload the best image(s) of your dress.  Photos from social media or the dress on a hanger are highly encouraged.  Don’t be afraid to take a selfie!  **Due to copyright laws, you cannot upload images from the designer retail store.  If you would like to use a professional photo you must get the photographer’s permission. If you upload a copyrighted photo, your dress will not be approved.  We will not email you to let you know it hasn’t been approved.

Step Four: Set a realistic price.  Forever the Bridesmaid suggests pricing the dress for 50%-60% of what you purchased it for.  Keep in mind that Forever the Bridesmaid serves as an online marketplace and will take 15% of the final total payment.

Step Five: Ship the dress to Buyer.  Once the bridesmaid dress has been purchased on, the Seller is responsible for the shipment of the dress.  Once the Seller confirms the dress is still available, Seller must mail dress within five business days and send the tracking number to and the Buyer.  Upon receipt of tracking number Seller will receive payment.

Shipping Suggestions:  USPS or Shyp

  • Ship from United States Post Office:  Get the tracking receipt!
  • Click-N-Ship:  Create a free account on, print a shipping label and schedule a pickup to ship your package from your home. Click here.

Or if you are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, or Chicago register on Shyp for easy pick up and delivery.

Step Six: Please review the Forever the Bridesmaid Return Policy.



Feel free to send a message to the Seller and ask additional questions regarding the dress.  Send a message to the Seller by clicking their name found at the bottom of the Details page of their bridesmaid dress advertisement.

Once you have purchased your bridesmaid dress, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the email address you have provided.  If you don’t receive the e-mail confirmation, please contact Upon confirmation that the dress is available, the Seller has five business days to ship the bridesmaid dress.  Please be sure to refer to the Forever the Bridesmaid Return Policy before purchasing a dress.