• Dry clean your bridesmaid dress.
  • Take good quality pictures:  Let the pictures of your dress speak for themselves. Having clear and accurate pictures of the dress can help to improve the potential for a quick sale.  Like with other online dress advertisements, we suggest that you take pictures of the dress from at least 3 different angles (front, back, and side).**Due to copyright laws, you cannot upload images from the designer retail store.  If you would like to use a professional photo you must get the photographer’s permission. If you upload a copyrighted photo, your dress will not be approved. If you upload a copyrighted photo, your dress will not be approved.  

        We will not email you to let you know it hasn’t been approved.

  • Give a detailed title of the dress:  Buyers will most likely be looking for a specific designer, style, color, and size.  You want to provide that information in the title of your advertisement so that it is quick to find.
  • Be honest and thorough when describing your bridesmaid dress: The Buyer has the ability to contact you through the messaging portal found within your profile.  They can ask for additional images of the bridesmaid dress, clarification on alterations/measurements, and further description of any damages described in the advertisement.
  • Pricing:  Price the dress around 50-60% of the original cost.  The price will include shipping costs that you set when you add a dress.  Be sure to keep the shipping costs reasonable.  Don’t charge the Buyer more than the cost to ship the bridesmaid dress.
  • Sell more than one:  We encourage selling multiple bridesmaid dresses from the same wedding, same designer, and/or color scheme.